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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

  • Rhenus Document Destruction

    Mobile document destruction convient and safe at your doorstep.

  • 100 % Quality

    You can count on the Rhenus Data Office GmbH with more than 15,000 international clients.

  • Hard Drive Destruction

    Hard drive destruction is one of our many services as well.

Rhenus Data Office GmbH

Rhenus Data Office GmbH is your nationwide expert partner in the field of stationary and mobile document destruction as well as data carrier destruction. We tailor concepts that are designed to help you save costs whilst complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

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When it comes to the destruction of confidential data, Rhenus cutting-edge disposal solutions are the key to your security, no matter on what kind of media the data to be destroyed is stored.

Thanks to our nationwide presence with ten stationary facilities, we are always close by to respond wherever and whenever you may need us. If you wish, we will even send our mobile shredder trucks right to your location so that the data can be destroyed in your presence – before your very eyes.

As a full-service supplier committed to providing seamless security solutions from one single source, we offer the whole range of services associated with document destruction and data carrier destruction: Our services span from the collection of material in locked security containers through to document destruction at the client’s premises; they also include material transport in special-purpose vehicles as well as material destruction at disposal facilities protected from unauthorised view and access.
Rhenus provides proven and approved security services – from the first to the last step in the custody chain.

If you want to rest assured that your sensitive data are really gone for good, don’t leave anything to chance … leave it to Rhenus!


DIN 66399 – state of the art

„Without security man is neither able to develop his strengths nor to enjoy the fruits thereof; for there is no freedom without security”.
Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt

Therefore, the new DIN 66399, publicised in the beginning of 2013, offers you the highest process safety to preserve your right for informational self-determination. The new norm replaces the outdated DIN 32757, including up to date security requirements and specific recommendation for the operational implementation of the destruction. For the first time, the entire process of file and data carrier destruction is being taken into consideration, from the point of occurrence at your facility until the final destruction at your preferred service provider. In this regards, the new norm represents the state of the art for file and data carrier destruction.


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