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  • Rhenus Document Destruction

    Mobile document destruction convient and safe at your doorstep.

  • 100 % Quality

    You can count on the Rhenus Data Office GmbH with more than 15,000 international clients.

  • Hard Drive Destruction

    Hard drive destruction is one of our many services as well.

mobile Data Carrier destruction on-site

The problem will be familiar - presentations, image films, picture files accumulating on data carriers all over your office. Rhenus Data Office provides a suitable solution - our service of non-disclosure, secure data carrier destruction is conducted directly at your site of operations. Get to know our fast and professional service!

Delivery fee

Please note: To cover our logistical and road toll costs, we have been forced to introduce a one-time delivery fee, compounded per container delivered for permanent use by the customer. This fee is effective as of 1/1/2020 and is billed as 11,00 EUR per 250 litre container and 22,00 EUR per 600 litre container.

Due to technical constraints, we cannot list this fee as part of the shopping process and in your electronic order confirmation mail generated by our shopping cart. After placing your order, you will receive a final order confirmation mail by the Rhenus installation that will handle your order including all applicable costs and fees applicable.

Mobile data carrier destruction on-site - how does it work?


When it comes to mobile data carrier destruction, security requirements are just as rigorous as for all other types of documents and files. If your data carriers contain any strategic, sensitive or personal data, they must be protect from unauthorised access at all times, including the destruction process. Mobile data carrier destruction allows you to witness the destruction of the data carriers directly - because the protection of your data is our top priority!

Prior to disposal, we provide you with the required number of 250-litre or 600-litre security containers. These containers will be filled by your employees on-site until full. If you ordered a key with your container, please attach this to the hook inside the lid and lock the container by pushing the lid shut. Now, the container cannot be opened by unauthorised persons.

As required by you, destruction will be conducted on request or on a regular (e.g. monthly) basis. On the scheduled date, our trained employees will collect the containers from their current station in your office facility and transport them to the waiting destruction vehicle. 

All secure containers are weighed directly on the shredding vehicle. Within an access lock compartment, the containers are opened automatically and their contents transferred directly into the shredding unit, thus avoiding disclosure risks. All destroyed material is then transferred exclusively to certified and audited disposal plants for recycling.

Following destruction of your files, you receive from us a certificate of destruction and a weighing protocol. Further information e.g. placing of the security container, tasked unit, telephone number and cost centre can be found on the delivery document. 

All our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology which prohibits both our personnel as well as unauthorised third parties from accessing the security containers' content.

Our customers are always welcome to inspect the process and vehicles on-site!

  • All installations of Rhenus Data Office have been certified as disposal plants pursuant EfBV
  • All installations employ a quality management system pursuant DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • All respective certification may be downloaded from our site's Infocenter section.

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