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  • Rhenus Document Destruction

    Mobile document destruction convient and safe at your doorstep.

  • 100 % Quality

    You can count on the Rhenus Data Office GmbH with more than 15,000 international clients.

  • Hard Drive Destruction

    Hard drive destruction is one of our many services as well.

Stationary Hard Disk Drive Destruction

What to do with old hard disks (HDDs) and the sensitive data contained within? Rhenus Data Office offers you a solution pursuant all respective data protection regulation as well as eco-friendly.

We ensure an unbroken process from collection to secure destruction.

Please note:

  • If we can collect the ordered container on our next scheduled tour (usually within 2-4 weeks, depending on your area), you will incur nor extra costs except the actual collection/destruction cost and the delivery fee (see below). If you require keeping the container for a longer period of time, we reserve the right to charge a monthly rent fee based on the container's fill volume. In this case, please note your longer-term requirement in the order form's comment field.

Delivery fee

Please note: To cover our logistical and road toll costs, we have been forced to introduce a one-time delivery fee, compounded per container delivered for permanent use by the customer. This fee is effective as of 1/1/2020 and is billed as 11,00 EUR per 250 litre container and 22,00 EUR per 600 litre container.

Due to technical constraints, we cannot list this fee as part of the shopping process and in your electronic order confirmation mail generated by our shopping cart. After placing your order, you will receive a final order confirmation mail by the Rhenus installation that will handle your order including all applicable costs and fees applicable.

Stationary HDD destruction - how does it work?

In professional environments, hard disk drives (HDDs) regularly contain sensitive data that requires stringent protection from unauthorised access. With Rhenus Data Office's HDD destruction service, you get exactly what you need - for us, the protection of your data after their intended use period comes first. Convince yourself of our first-rate service and take a look at our specific solutions for your requirements.

Prior to disposal, we provide you with the required number of security containers. The location within your premises will be mutually agreed to ensure ease of access both for your employees as well as our collection personnel. These containers will be filled with HDDs by your employees on-site until full. If you ordered a key with your container, please attach this to the hook inside the lid and lock the container by pushing the lid shut. Now, the container cannot be opened by unauthorised persons, ensuring safe storage of your HDDs until collection day.

Maximum security at every process stage 

At every step of the stationary HDD destruction process, we ensure security and transparency for you. On request or per a fixed schedule, we shall collect the filled security containers; for long-term requirements, you will receive an empty container in exchange on every collection. Our rigid-body collection vehicles transport the collected containers to the Rhenus security plant in charge of destruction, where the containers are opened, the HDDs' individual barcodes are scanned to document their destruction and then directly fed into a specialised HDD shredder unit. Within the plant, all handling of the containers and HDDs is conducted within supervised, enclosed and access-protected areas.

Our employees are specially-trained on a regular basis and obligated to the data security provision of §53 BDSG (neu). Our high-performance shredders can destroy up to 300 HDDs per hour. All remaining particles are then transferred exclusively to certified and audited electronic waste disposal plants for recycling.

Alongside your bill, you will receive a destruction certificate confirming the destruction of your HDDs as well as their appropriate disposal. Full documentation of our service including the day of collection, waste type with waste code number, cost centres and respective costs is available on request.

Rhenus Data Office - Certified Quality

  • All installations of Rhenus Data Office have been certified as disposal plants pursuant EfBV
  • All installations utilise a quality management system pursuant DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • All respective certification may be downloaded in our site's Infocenter section.

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