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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

  • Rhenus Document Destruction

    Mobile document destruction convient and safe at your doorstep.

  • 100 % Quality

    You can count on the Rhenus Data Office GmbH with more than 15,000 international clients.

  • Hard Drive Destruction

    Hard drive destruction is one of our many services as well.

Hard Drive Destruction

Maximum security for your data carrier

Sooner or later, the service life of any hard drive will come to an end – either because it is no longer needed by itself or because it is intended to be replaced by a more powerful drive. Letting go of sensitive data to wrong hands can spell big trouble, and the mere thought of such an occurrence is a nightmare for any company and its clients. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to ensure that all instances of sensitive data remain protected from unauthorised access right up until the moment of their final destruction. Security containers play a key role in this regard.

Rhenus Data Office GmbH is committed to providing just the right type and size of containers for any of your disposal needs. Rhenus security containers are equipped with a patent-protected integrated locking system ensuring the secure storage of your obsolete hard drives at your office. The locks can be supplied either keyed alike or keyed to differ, depending on your specific requirements.

In the next step, we will shred your decommissioned hard drives as agreed, in compliance with all applicable statutory provisions so that you can rest assured that your mass storage devices and the data they hold have been irretrievably destroyed.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we will first identify your needs and then devise a customised disposal concept in close liaison with you. At this stage, we will also agree upon suitable pick-up points, and you will let us know whether you wish us to provide stationary or mobile hard drive destruction services.

The destruction of hard drives is done in a leak-proof process including registration and documentation of each single hard drive entrusted to our care and subsequent confirmation of its serial number.

All of our made-to-measure solutions are developed with a key focus on reliability, efficiency and environmental integrity because we are well aware that shredded data carriers make valuable raw material. We take a closed-loop approach to our activities, putting the material back into the production cycle (secondary resources for the economic circuit) and thereby reducing the consumption of natural resources.

All employees involved in the destruction of hard drives receive ongoing training and are bound to the strictest secrecy. Furthermore, each of them is required to submit an impeccable, up-to-date police clearance certificate.

Rhenus ensures maximum security each step of the way, from the moment of formal registration to the moment of final destruction. We subscribe to a straightforward and transparent approach in everything we do – for your peace of mind.

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