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Office Disposal

Office Disposal

Holistic approaches for quality-minded clients

Any office environment generates different types of waste that require secure and appropriate disposal. This great variety of waste ranges from packing and packaging material via electronic scrap through to worn-out furniture. Whenever multiple service providers are involved in the disposal process, it is the client who will have to coordinate the processes, a time-consuming and costly task. Rhenus clients, by contrast, may lean back in comfort and put the entire disposal logistics chain in our hands.

In full consultation with our clients, we develop customised solutions designed to optimise disposal processes and geared to identify waste avoidance opportunities.

If you decide to use our services, together, we will 

  • select suitable containers for your recyclable and residual waste,
  • agree with you upon the relevant pick-up locations, and 
  • design your bespoke service package from a variety of individual services.

Your needs and challenges are our focus, and we will always keep a watchful eye on ensuring that our services are delivered for your benefit – at the best value for money. We employ statistical analysis with a view to supporting our clients’ controlling activities and facilitating their financial reporting processes.

Rhenus solutions maximise convenience, minimise client effort and ensure utmost efficiency whilst being mindful of the environment. So what better reason could there be to opt for Rhenus as your service provider in all matters related to office waste disposal? Don’t waste your time on waste – let the Rhenus experts handle it!

Rhenus clients do not need to place fairly rare recyclable waste, such as defective office furniture or EDP devices, in temporary storage until a full-fledged disposal transport is considered worthwhile. Rather, we will collect this material at their request as part of our regular container emptying service and will channel it into the proper recycling stream.

Thanks to our nationwide presence, we are able to offer consistent quality wherever and whenever you need us. This makes us a versatile and valuable partner also for companies with cross-regional branch operations.

Our office-related system services also include caretaker activities as well as quality assurance and relocation management support. All of these services can be smartly coordinated with our sophisticated facility management platform (BNP). 

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