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    Mobile document destruction convient and safe at your doorstep.

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    You can count on the Rhenus Data Office GmbH with more than 15,000 international clients.

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    Hard drive destruction is one of our many services as well.

Product Destruction

Security and Brand Protection


Any manufacturing enterprise is interested in maintaining a continuous flow of product. Sometimes, though, it may become necessary to securely and permanently remove product stock from distribution and maintain product compliance.

Rhenus Data Office provides you with a secure and comfortable service to dispose of numerous kinds of product.

What is Product Destruction?

Our product destruction service provides you with a  means of securely disposing of various materials from different industries, such as:


  • Product (solid matter)
  • Product packaging (cardboard boxes, blister cards etc.)

Media and Telecommunications

  • Data carriers (CDs, DVDs, USB and flash drives, floppy disks, hard disk drives)
  • Printed matter (Brochures, books, magazines, flyers and handouts, printing house material)

Clothing/Garments and related items

  • Shirts, T-shirts, trousers, dresses etc.
  • Shoes of any variety

Why would you need Product Destruction?

Our secure and comfortable product destruction service makes sure that any product stock that is not intended for sale or has been withdrawn is disposed of in a proper way and prevents any unauthorised use of out-of-date, faulty or plagiarised material - thus, you protect your corporate know-how and avoid economic damage.

By consistent management of your product stocks and forceful measures against counterfeiting attempts, you can protect your brand(s) and safeguard your company's market standing.

The need for product destruction may arise from a variety of reasons:

  • Changing of product lines, disposal requirements for pre-sale production runs
  • Unusable material stock due to overproduction or production faults
  • Confiscated counterfeit items, e.g. customs confiscation
product destruction process schematic

The Product Destruction Process

  1. Following your order, the stock earmarked for destruction is transported to one of our security plants within Germany. This transport service may be provided by a Rhenus Group subsidiary or a third party tasked by the customer.
  2. On arrival, receipt of the shipment is documented and the material is directly transferred to the destruction process using a high-power disintegrator plant.
  3. Subsequently, the resultant shredded material is disposed of according to environmental and other regulations, and if possible, recycled for future use as a secondary resource.

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